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TAP is the first craft beer focused taproom in Kowloon, founded by a group of self-proclaimed beer geeks that include certified beer judges, professional brewers, advanced homebrewers and beer dispensing specialists.

Widely considered an audacious project at the time of its opening, TAP quickly became a mainstay of the local craft beer scene in Hong Kong. For the past years, it has been a haven for staunch enthusiasts of the modern beer movement. It’s unconventional and independent approach immediately struck a chord with patrons and quickly spawned a community of craft beer venues adding vibrance and dynamism to the neighborhood.


The new location will continue to champion the same spirit. It will remain proudly unadorned and retain its raw focus on the truly important things. The beer list will continue to be the most cutting-edge in town featuring everything from the freshest locally brewed hop bombs to esoteric experimental beers fermented with a cocktail of wild yeasts. Our friendly team of beer geeks will continue to work hard on elevating beer appreciation for everyone who passes through our doors. The seating will remain convivial and we expect pitchers of lambics and imperial stouts to flow in abundance and shared liberally.